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Monday, 13 October 2008

Geek Chic

I'm a huge fan of sunglasses, all different shapes, colours and sizes. But it's not exactly sunny in winter, is it!? Disaster! Or not, as the case maybe. Such a simple answer, I don't know why no-one thought of it before - glasses! Well, yes I do realise glasses aren't a new invention, but they haven't exactly been a fashion statement until lately. I'm not talking about reading glasses, though - it's all about the "oh the lenses fell out of my sunnies" look.

See, all the fashionistas are all ready on the ball with this trend, so pick up these beauties and you're set to go! Only problem I can see is they don't hide "I haven't slept in 48hours" eyes, we might have to revert to the "I'm a child star who wears sunglasses 24/7" look for those hungover days!

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