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Sunday, 5 October 2008

My weekend...

This weekend has been pretty shopping / fashion jam packed, so I thought I'd share some of it with you. Starting with yesterday, I had some very overdue art books to take back to the library, so I headed into town, which of corse ended in a trip to Bristols new shopping centre, Cabot Circus. First stop - Urban Outfitters. With out a doubt one of the greatest shops known to man! Ater atleast an hour browsing the rails and rumbling through the shelves of vintage goodies, I decided on this brown leather mock-croc bag. It's perfect as you can wear it as a clutch in the evening (even has a perfect little handle, cause we all get anoyed at holiding it under our arm all night, don't we?), or attatch the gold chain and wear it on your shoulder during the day. Lovely, for £38 :]. After spending a considerable amount of time in Topshop, and realising everything I had chosen the week before had sold out, I was feeling a wee bit down hearted, but just as I was walking out of shopping center I saw River Island, and remembered how much I love this seasons colletion. Very glad I made a trip there, as I bough a lovely warm cream cardy for £29.99, with gold and pearl buttons :] perfect!

So, by the end of Saturday I realised it was the 4th of the month and I'd already spent all of my allowance (which comes on the 1st!) Not very smooth, Gemma!

But fear not! Today my Mother and I had tickets for a fashion show in Bristol, sort of a "Bristol Fashion Week" style thing. Just, minus any designer labels! But hey, I love a bit of high street fashion - and what's better for inspiration than seeing it paraded down a catwalk in all its loveliness!? After this, my mum (despite having not been speaking to me all week, due to a little incident involving a tattoo...) decided I just had to get some new black shoes for job interviews, however after we spent hours looking for a pair and I still couldn't find any I like, she decided to make me a deal (which worked very much in my favour) - she'd buy me the gorgeous tartan Dune platforms, if i found a pair of work shoes within the next half an hour. Perfect! Got the platforms and put a pair of 3inch black heals on order in Kurt Geiger for work. Then to top it all off, we fell in love with a bright floral mini dress in H&M, which she bought me, seem as it was only £19.99.

However, one thing that has really been playig on my mind today, is M&S. For years ow, we've been hearing about M&S' new look, with the press supposing they are now a "cool" brand. I've always dissagreed with this, claiming they are trying too hard to be young, and to target to a market which is way off their current consumers. But today I was actualy shocked, when models floated down the catwalk in some totally stunning clothes - from M&S! My favourite was this Peruna Coat, which I even went to try on, but unfortunately wasn't available in my size. Maybe I won't put M&S down so much in future!

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