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Saturday, 26 July 2008

The Beginning of Wisdom...

Day: Saturday. Activity: Recovering from the hangover from hell, and starting this blog! Fags: 4. (not bad at all) Alcohol intake: Lastnight, about 6 units. Today, none (but I'm due to leave for a house party in a couple of hours, so that won't be true by tomorrow morning.) Money spent: £15 (pretty good going - fags, Vogue and credit.) Indulgence: Vogue (as much as it is a nescesitiy, I also cannot afford it, so from now on it's going on my indulgence list!) Listening to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqM6oLM63YE

AS my first post on the new blog, I could spend a few paragraphs introducing myself and what I'm all about. But I won't - for one it's not necessary, secondly it would just bore you and thirdly, I'm more excited about actually starting it than writing this nonsense.(Although, I suppose in writing all of the above, this included, I have bored you just about as much - and wasted as much time - as if I had written an introduction. So, for the record I do know I'm off to a badly thought out start!).Anyway, just to make it clear, my intentions for this blog are to tingle your taste buds, not only with the latest on the fashion scene, but also to chuck in a bit of music, literature and art for seasoning. Enjoy.

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