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Saturday, 26 July 2008

Trends for Aut/Wint #1 Bad Ass!

Yes, that's right! It's time to revel in rebellion, with this seasons Bad Girl look.
Here I'm talking style that oozes attitude - think Agyness Deyn on the Rodarte catwalk, Luella's black and gold mini and Emma Cook's lacy black tights. It's all over the catwalks, and yes, there is something hypnotizingly seductive about Lilly Donaldson storming down the runway in tiny tartan dress and big black boots - but, lets be honest, if we walked down Fulham road dressed like that, we'd probably get more laughs than wolf-whistles! So, how exactly do you show off your dark side during the daylight? Well, lets turn to the experts for advice. Good ol' Agy not only rocks this look on the catwalk, she manages to make it look effortlessly cool while she wonders around LDN - Oh Agy, how we envy your style!She's hit the nail on the head here, so to speak. Skinny jeans, with the top tucked in, leather jacket and matching point ankle boots, bright red shirt with a cheeky polka dot pattern - all set off with bright white accesories to give it some added edge! Miss Deyn has aced yet another fashion class!

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