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Sunday, 27 July 2008

Trends for Aut/Wint #2 Cocktails, anyone!?

Day: Sunday. Activity: Reminiscing last nights dramas. (To worn out from the last two nights to do anything too productive - yes, I'm a lazy sh*t.) Fags: 15. (Bad, very bad.) Alcohol intake: Last night, completely lost count! (Too many, in other words) Today, none. Money spent: None! Indulgence: All those fags!? Listening to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9B5-AO0h60 (I AM addicted to electric pulses ;].)

Yes, with the release of Sex and the City, everyone is going crazy over their drinks, but even more so over the dresses they wear while ordering (or in true Sex and the City style, having them ordered for you) their drinks.

All our fave girls are getting out their corseted frills and slinging on a pair of stilettos. Whether you want to go for something dark and sexy, like Agy and Portia, or something girly and colourful like Alexa, everyone loves a prom dress!
My personal favourite from the high street is this Topshop fittie! It really does rival the bright minis of the catwalk, and with style this cute, no-one will know whether it' a Giambattista Valli creation or a high street bargain!
And then, in true catwalk style, copy Armadi Basi's models by adding clashing accessories for a fabulously designer look!

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