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Saturday, 26 July 2008

How to...

...Get that bad girl image without breaking the bank?
So, you want to do like Agy (and pretty mcuh everyone else we're loving at the moment - Daisy, Lilly, Kate, Peaches, Pixie, Alexa, etc.) and have a bit of a reblious moment, but aren't sure you have the same budget as thse A-listers? Well, lets take a look at what we can get on the high street.
For indie street looks the first place I always look is Topshop. It's edgy English style at it's best and never lets us down! So, for those must have skinnies lets see what wonders they've got this month!
Whether you're daring enough to go for animal print leggings and extra long leathers or would rather stick with something less OTT, like these amazing highwaisted skinnies, there's something out there for you (and at these prices, you could even afford to buy them all)!

The next key item has got to be a pretty blouse with a punky twist. Wear tucked into your skinnies with a few accessorises and you've got Agy's look for much, much less!

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