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Sunday, 10 August 2008

On a personal note...

Day: Sunday. Activity: See below! Fags: 0! Alcohol intake: 0! Money spent: 0! Indulgence: Sex and the city, ice cream and coffee. Listening to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yV9f4w9SXEc

After watching 6 episodes straight of Sex and the City (while trying to ward off the hangover cause by 7days of drinking - sun, sea, sand and margaritas, although fun do not make for a relaxing holiday) I have managed to resist giving into the two habits Sex and the City always triggers - smoking and shoe shopping.

After Carries tenth Marlboro light in one episode and her talk of "the few good looking, single, male, smokers left in the world" I realised how pathetic and how "90's" the whole image was. As much as I love lighting up, and I love a hot guy with a fag in his hand (yes, I do have a thing for "bad boys" as it happens), it is a fact of life that a smoker cannot date a non-smoker. And that's a fact that really limits your options. Having heard in the past lines like "Sorry, I really like you, I just don't like the smoking" I've previously laughed them off - how could someone be so pathetic to give up on someone they like because of a bad habbit! But, maybe it's fair enough, and maybe I'm sacrifising longe term happiness for a short term fix? So, here's the plan; stop smoking untill October the 10th (2months time) and if nothings changed I'll return to my quick fix, but if things are looking up, I'll put it down to the smoking and keep off 'em. Sound like a plan?

As for the shoe shopping, as I noted Samantha's odd looking wedges, I realised this was something else that should be left in the 90's. The obsessive amounts of outfit changes also made me think about the 30+ pairs of shoes hidden all around my flat. Maybe if I was SJP and needed 20 outfits per episode there'd be a reason for them, but on days like today I haven't even got out of my PJ's. Maybe I should stop pretending I live a Sex and the City lifestyle and stop wearing stiletos to the pub!?

So, for today I feel I have achieved a lot - not only have I survived an appalling hangover, I have done it without smoking or shopping (lets just forget about the 20+ cups of coffee and tub of Ben and Jerry's!)

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