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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Drama Junky

Now, you can officially call me mental, 'cause it's official, I am! Why i it, when everything's going well, I hate it!? I think I'm a drama junky.
Let me (try to) explain. Girl likes boy. Girl thinks boy doesn't like girl. Girl is happy thinking he doesn't like her as girl can moan and get upset and generally be a moody, attention seeking bitch. Boy tells girl he does like girl. Girl is happy - for about 30minuts. Then girl gets bored. Girl doesn't like boy anymore.
Well, yea I'm sure you can guess who the moody attention seeking bitch is.
I have issues.
He's lovely.
Why does this not make me extremely, estactically happy.
Can someone please find me an egotistical, cruel, annoying, horrible guy instead of this Mr Perfect? Cause clearly it's doing nothing for me.

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