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Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Thanks for all the questions you sent me guys, there were some great ones, so here's a few I've answered for you!
Q. Are you a student / if not what's your job!?
A. I'm currently in my 2nd year of college, studying Art, English lit/lang and Textiles. And tbh, I love it!

Q. What did you wear today?
A. Vintage chiffon top (navy blue with tomatoes printed all over it - so cute!), brown and gold Piel Vacuno belt, dark skinny jeans, white daps and a red hoodie. Locket and pearls to accessorise!

Q. How do you manage to fit so much into your life - partying, shopping, making/designing clothes, art and writing this amazing blog!?
A. I guess it must sound like I do allot, but you haven't mentioned any of my "hungover days" or "lazing around doing nothing days" which generally occur 1-2times a week and are when do my recovering from over doing myself all week! As for day to day, I just avoid "lazy time", I know if I don't get that English essay done I won't be able to go to that party, so I just do it. Ad i suppose the designing, sewing, painting, writing, etc is what i do instead of watching TV or talking on msn!

Q. What do you choose first when getting ready, the clothes or the accessories/shoes?
A. Generally I choose clothes, normally a top/dress and then the rest revolves around that. However if I've just bought a new scarf / pair of shoes, and I'm desperate to wear them, I'll work an outfit around that.

Q. Do you want to work in fashion?
A. Definitely, I'm currently applying to art foundation courses, and once I've done one of them (providing I actually sort out my personal statement, etc and get onto one!) I want to apply for a degree course in womenswear design. Exciting stuff!

Q. Will you still have this blog in 5 years time? what will it be like?
A. I can't really see that far into the future, but I love writing bout fashion, and the world of Internet media is flourishing, so who knows - why not!? What it will be like, I don't know, though.

Q. What's the most expensive item of clothing you own?
A. I don't really go in for designer stuff, but I do have a Chilli Couture Jacket which was £245 and a pair of Kurt Geiger boots which were £190.

Q. All time favourite song?
A. Gotta love a bit of Johnny Cash. Hurt is beautiful and Rig of Fire for the memories.

Q. Best time of your life?
A. Reading Festival 2008. Without a doubt!

Q. Would you consider having "guest bloggers"?
A. Yes, if anyone's interested, let me know!

Q. What matters most to you, fashion or music?
A. Fashion always comes first, But I do love, love, love music!!

Q. The one thing no outfit is complete without?
A. Some sort of glitter/ sequins. I always wear at least a little bit ;].

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