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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Dior, Dahlinng!

Day: Wednesday. Activity: College, lots and lots of art work. Fags: 0. (Yes, that's right!). Alcohol intake: 0. Money spent: £0.35 (1 cookie). Indulgence: Cookie & strawberry bonbons. Listening to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiWeLsupcqE

At John Galliano's Dior Spring/Summer 2009 collection, there was a clear divide between styles - bright colours and monochromes. Ergo, leading to (wo)mans life long debate - to colour or not to colour?

Christian Dior in his publication in 1954 entitled 'The Little Dictionary of Fashion - A guide to dress sense for every woman' declared that he could write a whole book on the fabulousness of black. With the media constantly telling us different tales; "black is slimming", "colours bring out your complexion", "black is sexy", "black is boring", etc, etc, it's hard for anyone to make a decision as to which to choose.
However, why don't we all take a leaf out of Dior's book? If black is your favourite colour, don't give it up just because predictions for Spring/Summer 09 show colour, colour, colour. As John Galliano shows us, you can do both!
Personally I'm a lover of both black and colour, ad so wear them entirely depending on my mood. Take today for example - despite the horrible weather - I was in a very cheery mood when i awoke - so I wore a pink vintage print t-shirt, with a stripey skirt and tights. However yesterday, when my mood was slightly less happy-go-lucky, I wore dark skinny-jeans, a black cardie and black boots.
And surprisingly I don't feel morbid or depressed in black - it's just something I feel comfortable in, it's fail-safe. In black you always feel sexy and confident - sometimes understated is great for those "everyone must think I'm a horrible, strange, big haired person" days. There's nothing worse than on a day where your confidence is at an all time low, wearing a colour which makes you feel very self conscious. Every head you turn (most likely admiring your great taste) feels like someone dogging you up. Every whispered conversation (most likely about work of something totally boring) feels like it is about you and that hideous (beautiful) red coat.
So, yes, I love colour - but only for days when I feel on top of the world! Making me a firm believer in having a wide variety of shades in your wardrobe - plenty of black/brown/navy for "bleehh" days, and plenty of colour for "yeaahh" days ;].

Beautiful black at Dior.

And some just as beautiful brights as well!

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