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Thursday, 16 October 2008


Day: Thursday. Activity: College, and plans of going out tonight, for a boogie (however going out on week nights never ends well, so I may reconsider.) Fags: 2. (Pretty good.) Alcohol intake: Umm 1 glass of wine...3 units? Money spent: £15.20 (bottle of vino and vogue). Indulgence: see previous ;]. Listening to: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=4uHkrKg29d0

So, it seems I've unintentionally been doing a rundown of my favourite Spring/Summer 09 collections! But, I couldn't just leave it with the few I've mentioned (Dior, Preen, Christopher Kane, Giles Deacon, Henry Holland ad Luella), as there are so many more that have truly inspired me. With that in mind, I've decided to throw in a review of some of the other shows that have got me buzzing - unfortunately I don't have enough time to account for all of the collections I've loved, but here's a selection of my faves (I may add to this later at some point, but I'm really in love with so many - unusual as I'm normally very critical! - that the Autumn/Winter collections would be out before I'd finished!)

First up, Basso & Brooke.

It's all colour and patterns at Basso & Brooke - very "more is more"! And I think that's why I love it so much - clashing colours and patterns that just seem to compliment each other so well! The geometric pattern compliment the geometric shapes of the dress ad the super cute jump suits. The ball gowns are elegant with an edgy twit created by the Hawaiian floral patterns.

I've got love for Westwood this season (hell, I've always got a bit'o love for Viv!)

Again a bit of the clashing patterns, animal prints mixed with stripes - but more so, matching colours. I love the all baby pink, waistcoat, jacket and shorts ensemble, with a bit of yellow chucked in on the footwork. And logo t-shirts are definitely something I'll be re-investing in next Spring! The evening wear is also pot on - as always - with embellishment galour!

Denim daydreams at Topshop Unique.

I love topshop, and I love topshop unique even more! my favourite from this collection is the over sized beige jacket (bottom left), but the denim is unforgivably cute. Moving away from mixing different colours of denim - it's all about matching here. I will e buying myself matching pale denim shorts and waistcoat very, very soon!

Versatility at Viktor & Rolf.

Since going to see the House of Viktor & Rolf exhibition in London in July, I've considered them to be one of the designers who are most successfully experimental with shapes, however with this collection, they've proved that not only can they do shape, they can do colour and pattern too. Beautiful!

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