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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

London Town

Have just back from a pretty perfect few days in London. I got the train at 11pm-ish on Sunday (I was meant to get it at 8, but a quick chat with a friend turned into a full on catch-up & drinking session) which was pretty horrible as I arrived a bit before 1 and didn't ant to get a tube on my own, so I called a couple of friends - Alex and Rob - and went to a bar somewhere by Paddington station and drank a bottle of the cheapest wine on the menu. They then took me to Rob's flat in Notting Hill where I was crashing on the sofa. It's kinda a bit shabby chic, but I like it - and they have the most amazing DVD collection so we sat up watching vintage classics for a good few hours. Next morning - after a breakfast of coffee and cigarettes - I made a trip to this amazing vintage shop right by their flat called "Retro Clothing" where I got a broach and scarf. Then I got a tube to Oxford Circus, but made a point of avoiding the generic high street stores and headed straight to Berwick Street where they sell the most beautiful fabrics ever. I got a royal blue sequin covered silk, matching blue velvet, blue lining and black netting for a dress I just designed. After that I met my cousin and had a wonder around Soho before getting lunch in a lovely little Thai restaurant. I then went to Liberty's and gawped at the designer vintage section, which left me dying for another vintage hit, so I headed to Carnaby Street where I got a vintage dress and red jacket. I then jumped on the tube to Camden where I met Alex and Rob and some of their friends - all of who were lovely - and proceeded to get very tipsy and dance about to some amazing tunes. Next morning Alex had the day off so we got on a tube back to Camden and shopped around all day - unfortunately by this point I had spent all of my wages, my allowance and my EMA, so had no money to spend on any of the beautiful clothes. With my lack of money I mind, I popped back to Rob's got my stuff and got on the next train home - a very happy girl with new clothes, fabric and memories.
I was, however, wondering where you would all recommend as the best places to visit in London? You know - best pub, chilled bar, cheap club, vintage store, antique market, etc, etc?

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