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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Men, men, men...

Day: Sunday. Activity: work and chillaxing (6 days with out a rest, plus 3 nights out this week = dying & loads of cw to catch up on!).) Fags: 0. (wooh!) Alcohol intake: None today, far far too many over the past week! Money spent: None today :). Indulgence: Nothing, tbh. Listening to: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=tpsDegqioVA

Not sure if I mentioned the new job at John Lewis? Well anyway, yesterday they decided I wasn't going to be put on men's fashion - instead I'm going on sport! Yes, me - the least sporty person ever. However, after spending the whole day pretending I knew which Tennis racket was more streamlined, and why one treadmill is twice the price of the other, I managed to sneak away to menswear to help with the tidying up. And aaahh it's so nice! Men's fashion is just the loveliest thing in the world - I think it's because it's something I've never paid that much attention to, and all of a sudden I've been introduced to this whole new world of fashion I never knew was there. Anyway, after "ooohing" and "aaawwing" at cashmere jumpers for about a hour I decided it was something I had to share with you, so here's my top men's clothing at the moment - all of which are by Ralph Lauren and can be purchased from John Lewis ;].
(click to enlarge)

To be honest, I don't even go for guys that dress like this, but they are all so lovely and perfectly made, I'm sure any guy wearing these beauties could make me fall head over heels!

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